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  • Personal taxation - Personal tax rates are the highest of all the tax rates and it’s important to guarantee all reliefs are gained and the lowest precise amount of tax is paid. Our personal tax experts will support you in the planning of your income tax return, determine your tax obligation and direct you on all payments owed.
  • Business taxation - Multifaceted and shifting tax legislation and the difficulties of functioning in a worldwide economy which necessitates businesses to look overseas for suppliers, customers and employees, produces a tax platform that is hard to negotiate. We offer corporation tax and services to a variety of corporate clients, crossing diverse industry divisions and size.
  • Company taxation – O'Brien Cahill & Co take a useful and hands-on approach when counselling on company tax. We work thoroughly with our clientele to meet all responsibilities efficiently and correctly, to recognise tax breaks and to elude exposure to risks.
  • Capital Gains Tax – Capital Gains Tax is calculated on gains on the disposal of assets. The disposal could be by sale / gift. The standard rate of Capital Gains Tax on gains is 33%. There is also a special 10% rate that applies to taxpayers qualifying for Entrepreneur Relief. There are many exceptions that can lower the tax.
  • Revenue audits - A Revenue Audit is an inspection of the data and statistics shown by a taxpayer in their tax returns to Revenue against those shown in their business accounts. The Revenue Auditor will need access to all books / records regarding the tax for the time being audited and these records should be made available on day 1 of audit.
  • Value Added Tax - VAT is a tax on transactions. Subject to the kind of transaction, varying rates of VAT will be valid. Companies registered for VAT can claim back VAT charged on their inputs and will pay VAT on their sales at the correct rate of VAT depending on the type of goods or services they supply.
  • PAYE/PRSI – This is calculated on a worker’s gross pay (before any deductions made). Net pay is what the employee receives after PAYE/PRSI (take home pay)
  • Retirement planning - Fund your daily life in retirement by building a savings account. Enjoy your later years appreciating the things that give you the most satisfaction in life.
  • Succession Planning – The majority of people wish to decide to whom they will leave their assets and if they wish to do so during their life or wait and give them on death by will. O'Brien Cahill & Co can offer guidance on the most tax effective way of leaving assets, whether by gift or inheritance.

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Tom Philpott AITI, BCL, BL – Chartered Tax Advisor

Eileen O’Connor FCCA, AITI, Chartered Tax Advisor
Tel: 353-21-4270192


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