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Payroll Services

O'Brien Cahill & Co can provide you with a complete payroll service including:

  • Calculating weekly/monthly pay for all categories of employee’s e.g. part-time employees paid hourly or full time salaried employees.
  • Providing payslips and PAYE/PRSI reports
  • Providing administration and online Returns for new PAYE modernisation.

Although you may not require a full payroll account service we are there to provide you with advice and assistance, in relation to the following:

  • Overview on the operation of PAYE/PRSI system.
  • Calculation of holiday pay, sick pay etc.
  • Application of PAYE/PRSI to employment benefits such as company cars, preferential loans, vouchers etc.
  • Pension contributions and PRSA obligations

We provide a complete payroll service to a wide spectrum of business ranging from the small trader to the larger company.

Contact Info


Tom Philpott AITI, BCL, BL – Chartered Tax Advisor

Eileen O’Connor FCCA, AITI, Chartered Tax Advisor
  Tel: 353-21-4270192


Donal Collins FCA

  Tel: 353-22-21079


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